Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Sab  saath hote  hain  hamare,
alag alag rishte naapte alag pagware,
par chalna hota hai bas apne kadmon par,
kandhe utha ghoome bhi koi toh kitne choubare..........                            
Sab saath hote  hain  hamare.                                      

Khushnasibi samjhiye Jo koi kadrdaan mile.                        
Aapki khwahishe aur  uske armaan mile.  
Warna  mai se chhott teh,umr nikal jaati hai.                    
Saans  chordti hai saath jab.            
Amuman hosh thikane aate hain,tab hamare. ....                          
Sab Saath hote hain hamare.                          
Alag alag rishte naapte alag pagware.....

Monday, October 6, 2014

Palak Shukla

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Tishnagi rahi jab talak ,khuld bhi mayassar na hui
jee se jaan jo tooti, tamam mautein mere naam hui

fana banafsha ka hona likha tha lekin
gar jo sukun-e- tabiyat ilhaam hui

na gavara kiya kisi ne junoon-e-jind ko
nazara aur hi hota jo yun maut na sare-aam hui

kaafila badhta raha jab talak,subeh se syahi raat hui
jo pau phati toh jaana sansein sari bas tamaam hui............

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ye Ashq bhi mere,Ye khwab bhi mere
Tu kyun jaane,Tu kyun boojhe
Na tum mere aur na hum tere
Ye ashq bhi mere,Ye khwab bhi mere

pyar jatana bada aasan
jo ho jaata bas itne mai kaam
toh rehti kavayad kaisi
Bas tum mere aur Hum tere
Ye ashq bhi mere,Ye khwab bhi mere

Jantar-Mantar jaadu tona
Dil ka khona,Bas rona-dhona
karlo kuch bhi sambhle kyu na
Yeh Ashq mere aur yeh nain tere
Na tum mere aur na hum tere

Batein tamam hui ankhon mei
Vaade khule-aam hue saanso mei
Palkon ki chilman mai, kyu sajte ye khwab hai
Tum humraah Mere aur Hum Humsafar Tere
Bas Tum ho Mere aur Hum hain Tere...........
Bas Tum ho Mere aur Hum hain Tere.........

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dil karahta Gaya.....

Tilism jazbaton ka yun gehraata gaya
Mann ghabraata raha,Dil karahta gaya...
 Ansuon ki boond thithur si gayi gaalon par
Har lafz Halaq se ladta ,ladkhadata gaya
Tilism jazbaton ka yun gehraata gaya
Mann ghabraata raha,Dil karahta gaya.......

Yeh sihran daudti, haanf uthi lahu mai mere
dhaunkni jal gayi aur shabd budbudata gaya
Yun to harf nikle pehle bhi kahaniyan ban
kyun aaj fir jo gaya woh daur,
pal har pal fir saamne lehraata gaya
Tilism jazbaton ka yun gehraata gaya
Mann ghabraata raha,Dil karahta gaya....

Sirhaana afsaano ka humsafar na ban saka
kyun aaj lihaaf mera chehra chhupata gaya
Bante aaye bante rahenge kisse Haqiqat se
Ek kissa aur hua,Antarman kasmasata gaya
Tilism Jazbaton ka yun gehraata gaya
Mann ghabraata raha,Dil karahta gaya......

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sulagte Rishte...

Geele se par fir bhi sulagte rishte
Bheega daaman jalate hain...
 jalti tapti saanso mai palte
Ankhon ka paani ban jaate hain...
Geele se par fir bhi sulagte rishte..

dhoop thaharti hai zara
toh aus ki aas jagti hai..
shan bhangurta pal do pal ki
aur bulbule jhad jaate hain..
Geele se par fir bhi sulagte rishte
Bheega daaman jalate hain..

Aks bhi shakhsiyat ka aaine ko poochhta hai
dil jaanta hai nahi hasil,fir bhi apnapan dhoondhta hai
badalti shaql ki aiyariyon mai
kyun pratibimb dhundhlate hain
Geele se par fir bhi sulagte rishte
Bheega daman jalate hain....
jalti tapti saanso mai palte
aankhon ka paani ban jaate hain..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Magnitude of Gratitude....ii

yep...Back again after a long hiatus. though wasn't hibernating still all of sudden while wandering through my own set of problems i realized how BLESSED i am and decided to show some Gratitude and say thanks to the Nature and God for that.
For past some days i kept on cribbing on one or the other thing. suddenly, i was trying to bind myslef in  imaginary limitations with the feel that it will lead to eternal happiness.
i stumbled upon a video and it hit me that in the process i was abandoning myself from abundance. The Magnitude of Gratitude is so vast . And i have it all in my life and else whatever i have desired till date sooner or later got bestowed upon me with all the gusto.
Still,here i was cribbing and complaining. So i told myself to take the liberty and express my Gratitude to GOD by saying thanks and asking for forgiveness for my pettiness and intolerance.
Hereby, i realized that i do have whatever i  wished for and worked hard for and i am indeed a blessed child safe in God's hand, pampered well. I LOVE YOU GOD and pray to you to remain loving to me and bestow me with all the love n care that i desire and strive for, AMEN...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tis a BEAUTIFUL feel
To love n be loved
To give back the Nature
And to reach the sky above...

 Slimmer R the chance
That U miss the dance
Jus have faith in someone UP...

 Tis a beautiful feel 
To love and be loved.....

Journey so FAR
Is wide n long
But m a girl 
full of life n STRONG
walking through ma part
Asking companion now to SHOW UP..

Tis a beautiful  feel 
To love n be loved
To give back the NATURE
And to reach the SKY above......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The nite is dark n cold
Though was already been told
Still,loneliness creeped in
With dollop of in-difference rolled
 The nite is dark n cold...

I call it with drawl at-times
Coz it matches n rhymes
The numbness that dies down
Telling heart not to be told
 The nite is dark n cold...

Persuasion is thy name
Tat's wat they call the game
Far-fetched seems heart's role
Follow mind tat's wise n old
Repeatedly,I have been told

So...the nite is dark n cold
M lonely,though wise n bold
But the nite is dark n cold...

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am groping in DARK..
trying to find my PATH
Hilarious is balance
Losing all my sense...

I am groping in DARK
Trying to find my path...

Though i understand
but sitting on a fence
can't fall N unable to stand
Is tearing me apart..

I am groping in DARK
Trying to find my path...

Steep feels the WAY..
NO torch to see...
NO ONE to say..
Let GOD get it sort

I am groping in DARK
Trying to find my path....

Friday, January 28, 2011


U r my SOULMATE....
N somehow i know that...
This all a passing phase
We all in Life's RACE...
Still...i know that...
U r my SOULMATE....

We been TOGETHER..
N strifed for Ages..
Travelled in Cocoons
Can see the Flashes...

U my armour....
N ma Saviour
Devouring Moments
And time TOGETHER...

Still, if  U go mad...
Me exclaiming all that..
Search deep to the core
As U a sensitive SOUL
M sure SHALL know that..
Yess...U r my SOUL,MATE....

Friday, January 7, 2011






Sunday, January 2, 2011


Mind-the most lethal weapon is becoming a pool-puddle all muddled up these days. so many issues running in mind that scanning the brain is getting harder...and harder to look out for the intrusion of virus inside this disc of mine.
Focus and willingness are tearing me apart in different directions.the call of hour is the need to harmonize the higher octane....
Music is the only way i can see to deal with all though it also exemplifies things at times...the process is slow and tedious still have to keep going...there's no leisure of following heart how so ever badly i want to...may be for good ..it's the need of hour..
keep telling myself to have faith in cosmos is the only thing, keeps me going as i know everything gonna be fine..
Chaos can be productive too this is my experience and living chaotic has it's own share of benefits..it pushes me to the edge and voila!!! there i draw my strength...as edge is risky but lotta fun...
so....M EDGY.....N M LOVING IT.... :)

Monday, December 27, 2010


Am i again up for it.....u bet...i am... :)     we human beings so crave attention and affection all the time that no amount is enough for us...the more we get the more we want...greed is an inherited quality in all of us.
Though we all inherit this character still we all keep on preaching each other  that greed is not good. I say it's good . keep ur hunger going but make sure to take it in a positive spirit the more you get, strive more to become better so that you can have some more and in the process to become the best will become accessible and enjoyable.
I have been fortunate enough to personally interact with some great personalities and get to know about them and one common thread that i found in them, no matter which field they belonged is their yearning for perfection, to be the best in all honesty and that innocent child-like greed to win the competition by simply being best.
That twinkle, that shine in our eyes makes us special when we feel proud of ourselves,worthy contestants in the game of life and that greed makes us all to yearn for BETTER....NOPES......THE BEST.....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Tapping the foot.....
Singing to my own glory...
Baby girl has come a long way.......
Citing her own story...
    The darling of pa
what was a small pupa
metamorphosed n gained
a new avatar
that of a prodigal daughter
 A harsh n soft blend
contradictory to core end
well-spoken yet brutal
the life of musical soire'e
 Tapping the foot...
singing to my own glory
Baby girl has come a long way
Citing her own story....

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I saw him leaving............leaving behind the moments .......the moments to cherish forever............those precious ones that bonds two human beings resulting in communion of souls........................
There left a lacuna........after that.........the pain of  not being able to share...........rejoice togetherness...............but the choice was made.........but was he truly gone...........may be not.............coz there were lots of threads intact in between..........the chord of love still harping the same tune...........the slide of memories n moments flashing on regular interval inside the so called cerebral cavity.....causing numbness and a sense of warmth simultaneously............
Whatever still i had moments.....moments to hang on...........
just live the moment............living for it now..........................

Friday, November 26, 2010


He cussed N fussed over
Said things meant nothing..........
She mourned N Groan
Inside, but said nothing..........
The deep connection of being TWO
Was etched deep in hearts.........
Unison was Beyond reach
Terrible was to PART.........

So they fussed n cussed
Saying things NOT meant
Till they gone insane...........

Gloved in LOVE together
They HATED each other
Just made them SUFFER FOREVER................

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Dil to bachcha hai ji...".

Feeling gud as i am trying to pen my thoughts at the moment. Thought the itch was there for a while but something was stopping me...don' know what though.
At times i find myself so complicated that i become the most difficult person to understand.The gamut of emotions that we experience somehow goes off-control and then all the hullabaloo starts inside.
Heart is the craziest of all....to control and to make it behave the way we want....it's the most difficult thing i find to handle.
And doing this exercise for a while leaves me turmoiled and restless. But again coping up seems to be the only solution.
Seriously.....n then i actually find myself screaming out "Dil to bachcha hai ji"....n i am not discussing the title of mr.Madhur Bhandarkar's upcoming movie but the ongoing clash inside me that is violent and vigorous at the same time.
Will my heart ever grow up and start behaving the way i want it to.....I wonder....

Saturday, April 3, 2010


What goes around comes around...ther's is a saying.....
As a kid these sayings actually used to amuse me and i was jus not ready to believe an iota of them. i heard idioms,phrases and lot of guidelines on n off from the people repetitively in all these years of my ever-growing life but actually could understand none of them.
Then, with the passage of time and experiences as if on a genie's wish all of a sudden each of those heard lines started making sense and the non-believer metamorphosed into a believer.
Is it maturity or transition don't know the apt word but nothing made sense without making me go through some kind of pain,some people like to experience first n then believe but trust me smart are actually those who learn to understand without experimentation.
Coz though experimentation enriches one's with confidence,and a journey, yet the outcome might not always be pleasant.
So, i have always belonged to the breed of experimentation though it's not always pleasant,well mostly :)
With every new experience i cried louder ,groaned and moaned more,but each one made me more tough, strong and yess as a side-efffect less attached and more cold.
Though the journey is still on and i know the metamorphosis is painfully slow,jus pray to God that the outcome or the result will make me forget all the pain i am going through......

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hi all.........
At times it's so relaxing..to be able to sit idle with the favorite Blues playing in the background healing the wear and tear inside out...
After twiddling my fingers for a while as it was quite a lazy day....(thanx to my hyperactive ways to live life in fast lane,so doing nothing could be a big ordeal :) ) and after giving up on my sometimes working/non-working LCD, finally i jus played the music, and sit idle with my eyes closed, puffing away the cigarette and i realised the beauty of being able to relax.
Just doing nothing could be so relaxing i forgot looong back as the stress of being the Best and in order, properly disciplined took over and the chances of being alone in my own company got dimmer with the passage of time and growing responsibilities of being an adult.
yep...it has been a pretty fluctuating day for me... after an entire day of summing up all the pending works and declining couple of friends to meet up...i was left wondering facing a big question...now WHAT???
just sometime back i was fretting over this stupid question, guilty of having an unproductive day but after experiencing this beautiful relaxation it hit me that this relaxation was so looong overdue and all of a sudden everything starts looking rosy...
Wow....such are we humans......can't help it....rite ..ya....

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Jus said gudnite to near n dear ones and was all set to hit the sack to delve into the deep ocean of my thoughts that i suddenly realised that i was experiencing overflow of emotions and to vent them out had no option but to blog......
So little days and so many events tat's how actually i can describe my life at the moment. Every day is a new day literally bringing on new challenges and trifles and as m also getting stubborn that m all head on for it.
Kinda tug of war happening around me but it's okie i have the strength and vil do that. people around me says times have changed in typical hindi "zamana badal gaya hai" this i am hearing since my childhood and since then it's changing and so for me it's forever. But then change is the only constant thing they say.
Why is it so hard to trust innocence ??? why good intentions are always looked at with great doubts?? why it's so that the more receptive and humble you are the more u bullied and then people complain about defensive mode... it's been always so for ages and then they say 'ZAMANA BADAL GAYA HAI'
The day these equations vil change i will actually say these lines with pride.
People do the same things and then condemn others for doing that..the equations changes when they are applied upon them .This is how life works but then the ones who did not follow the norms and trusted themselves were actually the ones who brought changes may be for period but atleast refreshing change. Success is not about how many million dollars u have or how known are u but how satiate u feel, i always feel that my competition is only with me coz the person who might be the king in my region..could be nobody in timbaktoo or for that matter at some other place. so..it's all theory of relativity .
As they say that there are other worlds and galaxies that exist so there might also be some form of successful bunch that exist..but do we know that???
In a nutshell i believe in looking at the big picture and live each day at it's best with our best capabilities and be prepared to play the games required without being judgemental and stressing ourselves over minor things, jus follow ur own belief.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hey Guys....
MERRY XMAS to all of you and m sure u guys have had an amazing time on the Christmas eve and now the NEW YEAR is on the horizon...so it's warming up. Christmas galore and new year splendour everywhere.
For me it's a beginning....a new refreshing lease of life seems to be booming all around me.
Seems all blessings and prayers from all my friends and near and dear ones are reaching fruition,...

Finally.....palak shukla's (me) debut on stage happened yesterday on the Christmas eve with all gusto and galore. Receiving appreciation for our work is a real high and m blessed to experience that.
So.. now after the show all gearing up to greet NEW YEAR with great expectations and dreams and Wishes that every body's wish comes true in the coming year, and we all would be able to achieve our goals and setting new ones to aim higher.
SO...keep moving forward...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi all........
yeah.. i know...a long gap but m here again :) who else to share my thoughts with....ahem..ahem...
i watched a newly released movie today "ROCKET SINGH"..., NOPES..u guys getting wrong. m not here to discuss cinema or to do any kind of review on the movie. But what thrilled me the most was the chain of humiliating instances that rocket singh in the story goes through.
Yess...it was very relative,as we all go through at some or the other point though i must say that when the entire world humiliates you and if ur family or your special someone is there with you with all their strength and support it becomes easier to face challenges.
But fret not even when they are not there with you i always remember this that i am there for myself and you don't lose till you don't give up and you don't give up till u have faith in yourself.
So, no matter what...with or without your closed ones, keep going..Have FAITH in yourself and that's all what is required.
Sometimes, it's the closest people who ends up hurting you may be at times unintentionally...don't lose heart..keep going. i am writing all this because i understand that situation as i was also asked by someone very close, "WHAT I HAVE ACHIEVED IN LIFE TILL DATE"..may be he asked in a wrong frame of mind or may be he has high expectations from me.
I could but i didn't ask him back that"WHAT HE COULD DO WITH HIS LIFE TILL DATE"..
it's not the matter of accusing each other ,,but i feel life is an entire journey, with varied definitions of success. Chase yours with believe in yourself if some people come along with you ,,,it's blessing otherwise still you go on.
If your chase achieve success it's your reward otherwise at least you had the guts to chase your dreams, follow your will and strength to trust your instincts.
NO RISK NO GAIN... always remember...might be a calculated risk...But VICTORY always comes with chances of LOSING all......... BEST OF LUCK.........

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Indian cinema is growing leaps and bounds and that's a real good news, calls for a celebration. Our cinema always had emotions and brilliance but now along with advance technology and superb performances from some of our seasoned artists we are also making great advancement in script and story-telling department.
Cinema is getting more concise, sharp, witty and at the same time thought provokingly entertaining.
I know li'l contradictory but the new age cinema what i would like to call it, is dishing entertainment along with social awareness and i am happy that the age old habit of indian cinema of exaggerating situations and emotions has toned down to effective underplay in recent times.
So........No more HAMMING...............
Movies like "TAARE ZAMEEN PAR' and just released "PAA" are great examples of creating awareness about certain almost unknown (to common man) diseases while creating a beautiful and sensitive chord with the audience.
It's remarkable as cinema is a powerful and effective medium as it uses language of connect and emotion and i believe that this new wave will definitely be a strong support in creating a better nation with better human beings. Though the process might seem subtle but surely will prove effective.......So......Rock on...............

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Silence can be deafening at times,when all of sudden the past lurks around and starts playing with a maddening velocity that the eardrums go numb and futile, shocking the brain nerves.
An emotional hullabaloo begins inside the trembling soul trying to free itself from all the memories as if searching for the cntrl+del button.
Haunting memories are the most devastated ones having the dangerous potential to effect the present too, goes without saying screwing the mental balance.
Still,the HARP of painful melodies keeps playing inside unceremoniously, deep inside inflicting injuries all over.
Being sensitive never pays off actually. it's a curse than a blessing coz the unwanted vibrations also are able to jolt your heart and soul trying to knock you off on your path.
The mind gets distracted stressing nerves all over, silently following the aching heart and soul.
Everything seems futile, the journey of life, the experiences, the people, the bonds, the ceremonies, in a nutshell life itself.
But...No it's not the way to cope up..things change,experiences pass,time flashes and life keeps moving and with that we have to keep moving.So let it pass..let this agony be a temporary phase like all other things and let me try to make my mind again agile and sharp,alert and ready to learn, ready to take -on new experiences. Let me be ready again to feel the benevolence of ALMIGHTY with all my strength. AMEN..............................


Susceptibility is the name of weakness....a weakness that is strong enough to toss your life. Still..we all are susceptible.
Emotional susceptibility, physical or mental susceptibility we all are victim of in different stages of life. To overcome this weakness and to turn it into our strength that's what is all about achieving balance.
Though easier said than done,as we all know but as the saying goes somewhere in trying to achieve perfection one can reach excellence.
So...be on it and keep going...Have a fun day..all................

Monday, November 30, 2009


LIFE-IT's my life...resonates in my mind whenever i hear this word...life is the name of varied variations...each individual has it's own definition for life .. a definition that keeps changing with the changing shades of life. actually that's what makes LIFE interesting. Isn't it??

We all suffer from multiple personality disorder i feel, though in different proportions.Each day of life..i feel different. One day ready to take-on the world and the other the loser..that's what the magic of LIFE does to me.

Categorically....scholars have also defined life in nine different shades...that normally we artistes spends life in emulating those shades n trying to live different characters ranging from simple to complex.

Despite of all this simplification ...and all this gyan on life...R we ever able to understand life...it remains enigmatic to us..that's the beauty of life. After all of tarot and astrology still we remain clueless and curious about the future. So...then we start chanting
mantra and keep going trying to keep our faith in our faiths :)

Now...i think that's LIFE...resolved yet unresolved...enigmatic..mysterious..a yet new ever-changing definition :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

myths n facts about THANKSGIVING

Thanksgiving is a holiday surrounded by myths and legends. Many societies have a day set aside to give thanksgiving for the many blessings they enjoy. Following are some interesting facts about this beloved holiday.
  1. While most Americans think of the Pilgrims as celebrating the first Thanksgiving in America, there are some claims that others in the New World should be recognized as first. For example, in Texas there is a marker that says, "Feast of the First Thanksgiving – 1541."

  2. The date of what is typically recognized as the first Thanksgiving is not precisely known though it occurred between September 21 and November 9, 1621. The Plymouth Pilgrims dined with the Wampanoag Indians for the first Thanksgiving.

  3. The First Thanksgiving lasted for three days.

  4. According to Edward Winslow, a participant in the first Thanksgiving, the feast consisted of corn, barley, fowl including wild turkeys and waterfowl, and venison.

  5. 52 Pilgrims attended the first Thanksgiving in
    1. 1621 including John Alden, William Bradford, Priscilla Mullins, and Miles Standish.

    2. Approximately 50 Native Americans attended the first Thanksgiving including Massasoit and Squanto - the Pilgrim's translator.

    3. The First Thanksgiving was actually a secular event that was not repeated. A Calvinist Thanksgiving actually did occur in 1623 and did not involve sharing food with the Native Americans.

    4. The first national celebration of Thanksgiving was declared in 1775 by the Continental Congress. This was to celebrate the win at Saratoga during the American Revolution. However, this was not an annual event.

    5. In 1863, two national days of Thanksgiving were declared: One celebrated the Union victory at the Battle of Gettysburg. The other began the Thanksgiving holiday we still celebrate today.

    6. The author of "Mary Had a Little Lamb," Sarah Josepha Hale, was key in getting Thanksgiving officially recognized as a national holiday.

    7. Each year the President officially declares a day of National Thanksgiving.

    8. Since Harry Truman, every president has pardoned a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Singleton - A Bliss ???

Single and ready to mingle... That’s a popular statement that you hear every time someone realizes that you are single and make others (read committed) light up with envy. Green seems to flash everywhere and you wonder what the hell did you do to see so may green bulbs go flashing about.

As Singles go hobnobbing enjoying every bit of life without any worries or responsibility the attached found themselves sulking in the corner over silly fights or all the time thinking about their partner"s reaction before doing any act. Be it the pubs, clubs or having friends of the opposite sex. You name it and they seem to be enjoying every excitement available to them.. the allusion of happiness surrounds them.
But...is it actually the scenario...everything has it's pros n cons so if we feel that singleton is a bliss than relationship too has it's own advantages.As a human being we all are governed by emotions and to be loved by someone is the most intense emotion we all want to experience.

Most of the times people remain single for longer times due to certan circumstances and given situations in their lives.Don’t you think that they too want to feel the warmth or just reach out and to know that someone is there who cares about. Someone to just lean over and lay your head on, a loving shoulder to support . The pleasure of knowing that you are treasured and wanted and to know that you are not all alone in the world. And that there is someone to make you feel better when the skies are grey. Someone to hold your hand and walk along with you on the unfamiliar paths that we come across at every stage of our lives. Who wouldn’t want these things in their lives
So, all those who have been wanting to trade places, be happy that you are blessed in the manner that God did create the Mr. Right or Ms. Right just for you. It’s just a matter of time before you too will sail in the bliss boat of happiness that your heart so much desires. It’s never too late for good things to happen to you. You need to be optimistic and the sun will shine sooner than you know it. cheers.............

Saturday, November 28, 2009


finally...my first blog n that too not in the right frame of mind. anyways...better late than never.to be or not to be...an eternal question i struggle with all the time. i have always found that life is like a mirage atleast that's the way my experiences have made me feel all the time...the more u chase the farther it goes.it shines like a dewdrop from the distant but u reach there and voila, it vanishes.it's said that everything happens for a reason so is it me that this happens on a repetitive base or everybody goes through this. well...m going through it nth time and must say still not getting use to it. is there a hidden meaning or a lesson for me ????

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ok... i m here !

Finally.... Phew... after much persuasion from my friends i m here.....

Rest later !

yasmin lawyer