Monday, November 30, 2009


LIFE-IT's my life...resonates in my mind whenever i hear this is the name of varied variations...each individual has it's own definition for life .. a definition that keeps changing with the changing shades of life. actually that's what makes LIFE interesting. Isn't it??

We all suffer from multiple personality disorder i feel, though in different proportions.Each day of life..i feel different. One day ready to take-on the world and the other the loser..that's what the magic of LIFE does to me.

Categorically....scholars have also defined life in nine different shades...that normally we artistes spends life in emulating those shades n trying to live different characters ranging from simple to complex.

Despite of all this simplification ...and all this gyan on life...R we ever able to understand remains enigmatic to us..that's the beauty of life. After all of tarot and astrology still we remain clueless and curious about the future. So...then we start chanting
mantra and keep going trying to keep our faith in our faiths :)

Now...i think that's LIFE...resolved yet unresolved...enigmatic..mysterious..a yet new ever-changing definition :)


  1. nice thoughts dear.... i agree with u for this...

  2. see i have also accepted ur thought as it came. hahhahahaha



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