Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Magnitude of Gratitude....ii

yep...Back again after a long hiatus. though wasn't hibernating still all of sudden while wandering through my own set of problems i realized how BLESSED i am and decided to show some Gratitude and say thanks to the Nature and God for that.
For past some days i kept on cribbing on one or the other thing. suddenly, i was trying to bind myslef in  imaginary limitations with the feel that it will lead to eternal happiness.
i stumbled upon a video and it hit me that in the process i was abandoning myself from abundance. The Magnitude of Gratitude is so vast . And i have it all in my life and else whatever i have desired till date sooner or later got bestowed upon me with all the gusto.
Still,here i was cribbing and complaining. So i told myself to take the liberty and express my Gratitude to GOD by saying thanks and asking for forgiveness for my pettiness and intolerance.
Hereby, i realized that i do have whatever i  wished for and worked hard for and i am indeed a blessed child safe in God's hand, pampered well. I LOVE YOU GOD and pray to you to remain loving to me and bestow me with all the love n care that i desire and strive for, AMEN...

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