Monday, December 27, 2010


Am i again up for it.....u bet...i am... :)     we human beings so crave attention and affection all the time that no amount is enough for us...the more we get the more we want...greed is an inherited quality in all of us.
Though we all inherit this character still we all keep on preaching each other  that greed is not good. I say it's good . keep ur hunger going but make sure to take it in a positive spirit the more you get, strive more to become better so that you can have some more and in the process to become the best will become accessible and enjoyable.
I have been fortunate enough to personally interact with some great personalities and get to know about them and one common thread that i found in them, no matter which field they belonged is their yearning for perfection, to be the best in all honesty and that innocent child-like greed to win the competition by simply being best.
That twinkle, that shine in our eyes makes us special when we feel proud of ourselves,worthy contestants in the game of life and that greed makes us all to yearn for BETTER....NOPES......THE BEST.....

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