Saturday, January 16, 2010


Jus said gudnite to near n dear ones and was all set to hit the sack to delve into the deep ocean of my thoughts that i suddenly realised that i was experiencing overflow of emotions and to vent them out had no option but to blog......
So little days and so many events tat's how actually i can describe my life at the moment. Every day is a new day literally bringing on new challenges and trifles and as m also getting stubborn that m all head on for it.
Kinda tug of war happening around me but it's okie i have the strength and vil do that. people around me says times have changed in typical hindi "zamana badal gaya hai" this i am hearing since my childhood and since then it's changing and so for me it's forever. But then change is the only constant thing they say.
Why is it so hard to trust innocence ??? why good intentions are always looked at with great doubts?? why it's so that the more receptive and humble you are the more u bullied and then people complain about defensive mode... it's been always so for ages and then they say 'ZAMANA BADAL GAYA HAI'
The day these equations vil change i will actually say these lines with pride.
People do the same things and then condemn others for doing that..the equations changes when they are applied upon them .This is how life works but then the ones who did not follow the norms and trusted themselves were actually the ones who brought changes may be for period but atleast refreshing change. Success is not about how many million dollars u have or how known are u but how satiate u feel, i always feel that my competition is only with me coz the person who might be the king in my region..could be nobody in timbaktoo or for that matter at some other place.'s all theory of relativity .
As they say that there are other worlds and galaxies that exist so there might also be some form of successful bunch that exist..but do we know that???
In a nutshell i believe in looking at the big picture and live each day at it's best with our best capabilities and be prepared to play the games required without being judgemental and stressing ourselves over minor things, jus follow ur own belief.


  1. Well, the thing is plain and simeple, you are very inncocent, but the world is not, when u come across as such innocent human being to others they first think that u r faking, no one can be like this, only when they realize tht u r actually this they tend to become fond of u and never want to loose u then........

    This might take some time and in the meanwhile there may be chances where u will get hurt because of these people, they are the ones who are at fault but then they have not seen anyone like u before and they treat u as normal people but only later on they realise how pure and innocent you are.......

  2. I agree with your definition of Success. It differs from person to person , place to place . We can not standardise Sucess or make any yardstick to measure it. By end of the day how you feel counts a lot. It might be possible that everybody is congratulating you for your achievements but you are not Happy but there can be a situation when you recieve praise from very limited section of people but you are Happy.I think my kind of people would like to go for second category.
    As far as you are concerned I see you as an achiever always.

  3. Thanx dear for ur valuable comment and unconditional support :)

  4. One rule - no rule.

    Live and leave wodever u want to !!

    Hardly matters what others do follow n do, what matters is what you do.. be the trendsetter and rock the world...

    My best wishes to yo..



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