Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Silence can be deafening at times,when all of sudden the past lurks around and starts playing with a maddening velocity that the eardrums go numb and futile, shocking the brain nerves.
An emotional hullabaloo begins inside the trembling soul trying to free itself from all the memories as if searching for the cntrl+del button.
Haunting memories are the most devastated ones having the dangerous potential to effect the present too, goes without saying screwing the mental balance.
Still,the HARP of painful melodies keeps playing inside unceremoniously, deep inside inflicting injuries all over.
Being sensitive never pays off actually. it's a curse than a blessing coz the unwanted vibrations also are able to jolt your heart and soul trying to knock you off on your path.
The mind gets distracted stressing nerves all over, silently following the aching heart and soul.
Everything seems futile, the journey of life, the experiences, the people, the bonds, the ceremonies, in a nutshell life itself.
But...No it's not the way to cope up..things change,experiences pass,time flashes and life keeps moving and with that we have to keep moving.So let it pass..let this agony be a temporary phase like all other things and let me try to make my mind again agile and sharp,alert and ready to learn, ready to take -on new experiences. Let me be ready again to feel the benevolence of ALMIGHTY with all my strength. AMEN..............................

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  1. Yeah, good things are just starting in ur life...... abhi toh shuruat hai, kahani abhi baaki hai mere dost !



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