Saturday, April 3, 2010


What goes around comes around...ther's is a saying.....
As a kid these sayings actually used to amuse me and i was jus not ready to believe an iota of them. i heard idioms,phrases and lot of guidelines on n off from the people repetitively in all these years of my ever-growing life but actually could understand none of them.
Then, with the passage of time and experiences as if on a genie's wish all of a sudden each of those heard lines started making sense and the non-believer metamorphosed into a believer.
Is it maturity or transition don't know the apt word but nothing made sense without making me go through some kind of pain,some people like to experience first n then believe but trust me smart are actually those who learn to understand without experimentation.
Coz though experimentation enriches one's with confidence,and a journey, yet the outcome might not always be pleasant.
So, i have always belonged to the breed of experimentation though it's not always pleasant,well mostly :)
With every new experience i cried louder ,groaned and moaned more,but each one made me more tough, strong and yess as a side-efffect less attached and more cold.
Though the journey is still on and i know the metamorphosis is painfully slow,jus pray to God that the outcome or the result will make me forget all the pain i am going through......

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