Saturday, November 28, 2009

TO BE OR NOT TO BE first blog n that too not in the right frame of mind. anyways...better late than be or not to eternal question i struggle with all the time. i have always found that life is like a mirage atleast that's the way my experiences have made me feel all the time...the more u chase the farther it shines like a dewdrop from the distant but u reach there and voila, it's said that everything happens for a reason so is it me that this happens on a repetitive base or everybody goes through this. well...m going through it nth time and must say still not getting use to it. is there a hidden meaning or a lesson for me ????

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  1. Well.... life is cruel but then the almighty is not.... he has everything planned for everyone in this world..... infact when u look at the history not even God's have got everything easily, some were crucified some had to bear the vengence of a family fued but till date i havent seen any God becoming a God without any hardwork...... now if they are God and they faced so many hardships we are mere individuals..... we still have to face alot.... and yes there are individuals which get everythong in a platter but then grateness is always distant from them..... cozz till the time u dont sweat it in the middle of the ring, u can never become a champion...... it does not matter if u get knocked down but what matters is "How Long You Stay Down" !



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