Sunday, January 2, 2011


Mind-the most lethal weapon is becoming a pool-puddle all muddled up these days. so many issues running in mind that scanning the brain is getting harder...and harder to look out for the intrusion of virus inside this disc of mine.
Focus and willingness are tearing me apart in different directions.the call of hour is the need to harmonize the higher octane....
Music is the only way i can see to deal with all though it also exemplifies things at times...the process is slow and tedious still have to keep going...there's no leisure of following heart how so ever badly i want to...may be for good's the need of hour..
keep telling myself to have faith in cosmos is the only thing, keeps me going as i know everything gonna be fine..
Chaos can be productive too this is my experience and living chaotic has it's own share of pushes me to the edge and voila!!! there i draw my edge is risky but lotta fun...
so....M EDGY.....N M LOVING IT.... :)


  1. Your strength ? All within !
    Keep it up !

  2. thanx sir.....for all the support in my troubled times... :)



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