Sunday, November 29, 2009

Singleton - A Bliss ???

Single and ready to mingle... That’s a popular statement that you hear every time someone realizes that you are single and make others (read committed) light up with envy. Green seems to flash everywhere and you wonder what the hell did you do to see so may green bulbs go flashing about.

As Singles go hobnobbing enjoying every bit of life without any worries or responsibility the attached found themselves sulking in the corner over silly fights or all the time thinking about their partner"s reaction before doing any act. Be it the pubs, clubs or having friends of the opposite sex. You name it and they seem to be enjoying every excitement available to them.. the allusion of happiness surrounds them. it actually the scenario...everything has it's pros n cons so if we feel that singleton is a bliss than relationship too has it's own advantages.As a human being we all are governed by emotions and to be loved by someone is the most intense emotion we all want to experience.

Most of the times people remain single for longer times due to certan circumstances and given situations in their lives.Don’t you think that they too want to feel the warmth or just reach out and to know that someone is there who cares about. Someone to just lean over and lay your head on, a loving shoulder to support . The pleasure of knowing that you are treasured and wanted and to know that you are not all alone in the world. And that there is someone to make you feel better when the skies are grey. Someone to hold your hand and walk along with you on the unfamiliar paths that we come across at every stage of our lives. Who wouldn’t want these things in their lives
So, all those who have been wanting to trade places, be happy that you are blessed in the manner that God did create the Mr. Right or Ms. Right just for you. It’s just a matter of time before you too will sail in the bliss boat of happiness that your heart so much desires. It’s never too late for good things to happen to you. You need to be optimistic and the sun will shine sooner than you know it. cheers.............


  1. Hmm.... i love the way you write...... who can forget this lady was a journo in her early days.... and that too one of the best ;-)

  2. M over-whelmed with your response and comments. thanx :)

  3. Well.... at times i dont find words to describe ur beauy of writting.....

  4. Nice Thoughts . I feel SINGLE or Mingle is just a state of mind . Mr Kalam or Mr. Tata and like them there are many who chose to be Single .Some times you are so much absorbed in yourself and Occupied in the passions you follow that minigling just not bcome your cup of Tea. True ,Human beings are social creatures and some say that they are basically polygamous in nature but then you have Family with you and the friends you select at all stages of life become your alter ego. They make you feel important in their life and give a cozy warmth which replaces all the urges to Mingle .

  5. well said...jeetu..truly appreciative...U have put up the SINGLE's point of view with a very balanced approach..commendable..



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