Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi all........
yeah.. i know...a long gap but m here again :) who else to share my thoughts with....ahem..ahem...
i watched a newly released movie today "ROCKET SINGH"..., NOPES..u guys getting wrong. m not here to discuss cinema or to do any kind of review on the movie. But what thrilled me the most was the chain of humiliating instances that rocket singh in the story goes through.
Yess...it was very relative,as we all go through at some or the other point though i must say that when the entire world humiliates you and if ur family or your special someone is there with you with all their strength and support it becomes easier to face challenges.
But fret not even when they are not there with you i always remember this that i am there for myself and you don't lose till you don't give up and you don't give up till u have faith in yourself.
So, no matter what...with or without your closed ones, keep going..Have FAITH in yourself and that's all what is required.
Sometimes, it's the closest people who ends up hurting you may be at times unintentionally...don't lose heart..keep going. i am writing all this because i understand that situation as i was also asked by someone very close, "WHAT I HAVE ACHIEVED IN LIFE TILL DATE"..may be he asked in a wrong frame of mind or may be he has high expectations from me.
I could but i didn't ask him back that"WHAT HE COULD DO WITH HIS LIFE TILL DATE"..
it's not the matter of accusing each other ,,but i feel life is an entire journey, with varied definitions of success. Chase yours with believe in yourself if some people come along with you ,,,it's blessing otherwise still you go on.
If your chase achieve success it's your reward otherwise at least you had the guts to chase your dreams, follow your will and strength to trust your instincts.
NO RISK NO GAIN... always remember...might be a calculated risk...But VICTORY always comes with chances of LOSING all......... BEST OF LUCK.........

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